Volunteer Opportunities


Long-Term Volunteer Opportunities

We are seeking individuals who share our mission in raising awareness about Human Trafficking and working to provide immediate assistance to victims/survivors during their time in need. Our organization is growing and we are looking for volunteers to join our SFP team:


  • Event Planning & Outreach Committee
  • Emergency Survivor Assistance Program Committee
  • Art Program Committee
  • Youth Prevention Program Committee


Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities

  • Oversee donation collection sites or collect needed items from donors.
  • Organize and sort donations at the SFP Office (The Nest).
  • Prepare meals for survivors on an as needed basis.
  • Assist with graphic designing of marketing materials (print & web).
  • Volunteer at an event (photography, greeter, registration/sign-in table, set-up/tear-down, childcare, ect.)
  • Assist with general administrative duties.
  • Writing/Grantwriting
  • Transportation/Driving

Are you ready to apply and become an SFP Volunteer?

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