The Power of Art

"Art is to console those who are broken by life." 

- Vincent Van Gogh

Art is a powerful tool for healing, communicating, and for evoking social change. It has the power to tell stories and has both emotional and physical benefits for both the artist and the viewer.

SFP's Art Program provides opportunities for artists of all ages, and from every background, to help shed light on Human Trafficking. Our focus is to end the silence surrounding modern-day slavery and to help survivors find healing through artistic/creative expression. 

Meet SFP's Art Program Director, Morgan Burgard

Morgan is an abstract artist. Her artistic career grew through adversity, and she is passionate about showing others how to express themselves through art. She believes art is comes from inner energies that everyone holds and not always from experience through art classes. 

“Art allows me to explore emotion and connection. Art serves as a passion, therapy, means of expression, and a message I want to communicate to people: It is about being inspired and exploring a physical and mental perception that is unique to each individual.”